These terms and conditions (applied terms and conditions of sale) are applied to all transactions for the sale of goods made through this site. Please read these terms and conditions of sale carefully before proceeding with any transaction. Please note that the use of this site by the user continues to be subject to our general terms and conditions which can be accessed by clicking here.
We reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions of sale at any time and without notice. It will be the user's responsibility to return to visit this page from time to time and reread this note. Any changes made will be valid from the date of its publication on this site.
This website is propertu of MENEGHINI (REA VI-319670), owner of the MENEGHINI brand, whose head office is located in Via Dei Morari 10, 36016 Thiene (VI) ITALY
By proceeding with the purchase on this site, you accept the Terms and Conditions of Sale on this page.
Although not expressed, these Terms and Conditions of Sale refer to the Italian Consumer Code.

1. Interpretation of the text
1.a The definitions and rules for interpreting these terms and conditions of sale are as follows:
Contract: the contract between you and us for the sale of the Products and that includes these conditions, the order, the order confirmation and the document that regulates the site and the sale;
Confidential information: means that any data provided by one of the parties pursuant to the Contract will be entered into in a confidential manner (or in the case of verbal discussions is subsequently confirmed in writing so that it remains confidential) or information (otherwise disclosed) which are generally to be considered as confidential;
Place of delivery: means the place where Products will be delivered according to the Contract, as indicated in the Order;
Order: any order of our products that the buyer places through our website;
Order Confirmation: indicates the Order Confirmation sent by e-mail by MENEGHINI that incorporates the conditions in question;
Price: the monetary value, notified by us, which must be paid by the buyer for our products.
Products: all goods that are supplied to the user by MENEGHINI, on the basis of the contract concluded;
We, our,: we mean MENEGHINI, with registered office at Via Dei morari 10, 36016 thiene (VI) ITALY
Website and Sales Document: are to be understood as this website and the accompanying invoice certifying the sale, an invoice that we undertake to provide to the customer, and which will be accepted both by us and by the buyer if the buyer himself intends to resell our products;
You, User, Buyer, Customer: we mean the person or company that purchases our products;

We also add that:
1.1 References to the singular include plural and references to male include female;
1.2 The reference to any law, decree, ordinance, regulation or other similar instrument is related to the present legal system and to the laws in force, or to the instruments and regulations amended on the basis of each statute, decree means a subsequent order based on what is contained in the legislative acts of the same;
1.3 Titles and subtitles shall be inserted only for convenience and shall not influence the interpretation of these terms and conditions of sale.
1.4 Any list or example followed by the word "includes" or "including" should be interpreted without limitation to the meaning of the previous words;
1.5 References to terms and conditions of sale, unless otherwise indicated, are based on what is indicated in the clauses of this text "terms and conditions of sale applied"

2. Place an order
2.1 To order a product through this website just click on the image of the product you want to buy. This operation provides the user with additional product information. If it is the desired product click on "buy now" or "add to cart".
2.2 The user can continue the purchases until the "shopping cart" contains all the products you want to buy. The products can be removed at any time from the "shopping cart" and the quantity of products can be increased or reduced as the user wishes by entering information about them and then clicking on "update cart".
2.3 Once the purchases have been completed, click on the "checkout" button where the user will be asked to confirm his delivery and billing address. The delivery and payment method will also be specified.
2.4 The user will be shown an order confirmation screen showing the description, price and quantity of the purchased products, the payment method and the total price. The user will have the opportunity to check and correct any error in his order until the moment when the order will be sent, by clicking on the "confirm order" button.
2.5 After the order confirmation, the user will be asked to enter the credit or debit card details that he intends to use for the payment of the product. If these details are acceptable, the user will be taken to the order information page, where the order number will be displayed; its description, the price and quantity of ordered goods, the addresses of delivery and billing, the payment method and total costs.
2.6 All orders placed through this website are subject to unilateral acceptance by MENEGHINI. We reserve the right to withdraw any product from the site or to refuse an order at our discretion and we decline anyresponsability towards the user or any other person in similar circumstances. Note that the order information page does not mean our acceptance of the order.

3. Prices and promotions
3.1 All prices and expenses shown on this website are displayed and expressed in Euros. The prices are inclusive of VAT but do not include shipping costs. Shipping costs, if applicable, are displayed on the order confirmation screen.
3.2 Shipping costs vary according to the place of delivery. For further details, see the table relating to shipping costs.
3.3 Despite our commitment to ensure the accuracy of all prices displayed on this site, errors or incorrect price attributions to products may occur. In the event that we become aware of errors in the attribution of the price of a product, we will promptly inform the user who can choose whether to proceed with the order at the correct price or cancel his order. If for any reason we are unable to contact the costumer, the order will be deemed canceled. Any paid amount will be refunded in full within thirty (30) days as required by the Consumer Code.
3.4 In cases where the price of the product is reduced for a promotional sale, this price will only be valid for the specified promotional sale period and may only be applied to orders accepted within that period.
3.5 We reserve the discretionary right to adjust product prices, offers, products and indications on products available through this site, at any time upon acceptance of the order by the user.
3.6 All promotions, discounts or promotional codes available on are not cumulative with other offers
3.7 Only one promotional code can be used for each order
3.8 A promotional code cannot be applied to an order after it has already been concluded.

4. Payment
4.1 The price is due and is charged to the customer. Payment is requested at the time of placing the order, unless otherwise agreed in writing by us, and the payment date will always be an essential point of the contract.
4.2 For all orders made through this site, payment will be available with each of the following Italian credit or debit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro, Paypal, Bank transfer, Cash on delivery (only for Italy) and other methods accepted by Stripe.
4.3 When the order has been placed, the payment of the ordered products will be charged to the buyer's credit card.
4.4 The total cost of the order is the price of the purchased products to which are added the shipping costs, as displayed on the order confirmation screen. All credit card payments are processed by Stripe or PayPal.
4.5 The user confirms that the credit or debit card used to purchase the products is his property. All credit card holders are subject to validation checks and authorization by the card issuer. If for any reason the issuer refuses to authorize the payment, we will not accept the order and decline any responsibility for consequent delays and/or non-delivery. We will not be obliged to inform the user of the reasons for the refusal.
4.6 We decline any responsibility deriving from the eventuality in which the card issuer and / or the bank charges the user for the expenses related to our operations for the processing of the payment of the order by credit or debit card.
4.7 The acceptance of the order and the establishment of a contract between the user and us will take place after the authorization of the payment of the order amount by the credit or debit card issuer and after we send an order confirmation email to the user. The confirmation e-mail will certify the order number to the user, the description, the price and quantity of the ordered products, the payment method and costs. The confirmation e-mail will also display the expected delivery times and products ordered.
4.8 Products are subject to availability. If, for any reason subsequent to the acceptance of the order, we are unable to supply the ordered products within the delivery times, we will promptly inform the user, who will then be given the opportunity to cancel the order and to have a full refund of the amount paid.

5. Delivery, Ownership and Risks
5.1 Orders placed will be delivered to the address specified in the order. We decline any responsibility for any incorrect delivery address.
5.2 Except in the cases referred to in point 14- Force majeure, the products ordered by Italy by 12.00 from Monday to Friday will be delivered within 48 hours in mainland Italy, and within 72 hours in the islands. Products ordered after 2.00 pm will be shipped on the working day following the date of purchase and delivered within 72 hours in Italy, or within 96 hours in the islands.
5.3 The delivery times of the order specified by us in the confirmation e-mail are to be considered as indicative. By committing ourselves to comply with the delivery of the order within the times indicated, we decline all responsibility for delays in delivery attributable to factors beyond our control (see 14- Force majeure causes).
5.4 The ownership of the ordered product will be transferred to the user from the moment we receive the full payment of the same. The risks associated with the loss or damage to the product will be transferred to the user from the moment he receives the product. If you intend to cancel your order (see 6- Withdrawal and Return), the user must take due care of the product until it is returned to us.

6. Withdrawal and Return
6.1 If the user wishes to cancel his order, this will be possible at any time within fourteen (14) working days from the date of receipt of the product. To exercise the right of withdrawal, it is necessary to send, within fourteen (14) working days from the receipt of the purchased product, a communication in which the intention to withdraw from the purchase contract is clearly expressed. This communication must be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the following address: MENEGHINI Via Dei Morari 10, 36016 Thiene (Vicenza); or by fax, or telegram or email to The exercise of the right of withdrawal is considered valid pursuant to art. 64 of the Italian Consumer Code.
6.3 In case of exercise of the right of withdrawal, the costs of return will be charged to the consumer.
6.4 From the moment the order is canceled (the date of dispatch of the communication will be the same), the user must immediately return all products within fourteen (14) working days. All costs and risks associated with such return are at user charge. We require the product to be returned by insured mail or courier in order to verify receipt.
6.5 Except as provided for in clause 6.3, the amount paid by the user for the product in the cancelled order will be refunded to his credit or debit card within thirty (30) days of the notice of cancellation, provided communicated by registered post.
6.6 The user will not be responsible for the cost of returning the product in the event that the same is defective or does not comply with what is specified in the order.
6.7 The reasons for the return must be specified when canceling the order or returning the product.
6.8 The cancellation and return provided by these terms and conditions of sale do not affect the legal rights of the user as a consumer.

7. Intellectual property
7.1 All intellectual property rights relating to the product remain the exclusive property of MENEGHINI.
8. Guarantees and Responsibilities
8.1 We guarantee that at the time of delivery the product will have satisfactory quality and that it will be materially compliant with the description provided on this website and conform to the specifications.
8.2 Except as explicitly provided in these terms and conditions of sale, all warranties, conditions and other terms implied by statute are excluded for the maximum duration provided by law.
8.3 All our products on sale on this site, except for hockey sticks that cannot be guaranteed, are covered by a legal warranty for any defect or defect inherent in the product itself, to be reported within sixty (60) days from the discovery of the defect
8.4 On the basis of the Legal Warranty of sixty (60) days, MENEGHINI is liable to the consumer for non-conformity defects not found at the time of purchase, unless the consumer is a professional.
8.5 The lack of conformity exists when the product is not suitable for the use to which it must normally serve, does not comply with the description or does not possess the qualities promised by the seller, does not offer the usual qualities and performances of a good of the same type, it is not suitable for the particular use desired by the consumer if brought to the attention of the seller at the time of purchase and accepted by the seller.
8.6 The lack of conformity that occurs must be reported within sixty (60) days following the date of discovery of the defect. We will replace the product at our expense or refund the consumer for the amount paid, excluding shipping costs, in compliance with the provisions of Articles 1519 quater and sexies of the Italian Civil Code, after checking the defective product at our office
8.7 MENEGHINI declines all responsibility for any defect deriving from wearing the product, usuring it, intentional damage, negligence or improper use of the user, as well as from use contrary to the instructions.
8.8 These terms and conditions set out all MENEGHINI's obligations and responsibilities in relation to the sale of the Products (as well as the provision of telephone assistance and warranty services) and the provision of any other Service offered through the Website.
8.9 The rights reserved to the consumer by the applicable law shall not be affected.
8.10 Nothing in the contract will limit or exclude MENEGHINI's liability in the event of death or personal injury caused by his negligence, fraud, any violation of the obligations implicitly provided for in applicable national laws relating to property rights or any liability not excludable by law.
8.11 Without prejudice to the provisions of the clause of paragraph 8.6, MENEGHINI assumes no contractual or extra-contractual liability for direct or indirect damages of any kind, including damages deriving from loss of income, profits, contracts and data. MENEGHINI will answer in any case within the maximum limit of the price of the products and / or services purchased by the consumer. Only cases of willful misconduct and gross negligence are reserved.
8.12 What expained above does not affect the rights attributed to the consumer by mandatory rules of law, nor his right to exercise the withdrawal, according to the provisions indicated in the Withdrawal and Return clause.
8.13 We exclude any other liability of any nature and in any way arising from it, for the maximum duration allowed by law.
8.14 We also consider ourselves indemnified and will not assume any responsibility for actions, complaints, costs, expenses (including legal fees and disbursements), penalties, damages or losses suffered by the customer, resulting from the sale and/or use of products after the same user has become aware of any product defects, or after indicative circumstances of a product defect have occurred and have not been disclosed within the terms established by law (see paragraph 8.3).

9. Defective product
9.1 The user must present written communication relating to any defects in the quality or condition of the product or to its non-compliance with its general specifications if the product is found to be defective within sixty (60) days from the date of discovery of the defect and within twenty four (24) months from the date of purchase of the product for personal use (the date indicated on the purchase receipt corresponding to the purchase order is authentic).
9.2 In the event that the product returned
    • is not defective
    • is damaged due to improper use by the end user of the product
    • is damaged due to product wearing
    • is intentionally damaged by the end user
    • is devoid of MENEGHINI hologram of authenticity
    • there is no original tax receipt certifying the date of purchase and therefore any coverage of the warranty
the product will be returned to the end user. In this case, we reserve the right to request reimbursement of the costs of assessing the damage and returning the product and we do not assume any further obligations towards the final customer.
9.3 Otherwise MENEGHINI undertakes, on the basis of its unquestionable judgment, to repair or replace defective products as required by law.
9.4 The user will not be responsible for the costs of returning the product in the event that it is defective or does not comply with what is specified in the order. In these circumstances, we will reimburse all shipping costs due and incurred by the user.
9.5 In order to request a warranty claim, the product must fall within the warranty period and the original proof of purchase must be presented. The products are only repaired at our service center and by qualified technicians authorized by MENEGHINI. MENEGHINI is exempt from any kind of responsibility for the functioning of products repaired outside our MENEGHINI service center.
9.6 To receive assistance or request the repair of MENEGHINI products, the user is asked to send it to MENEGHINI Via Dei Morari 10, 36016 Thiene (VI) ITALY with its original invoice or receipt. The sender is also required to provide us with all information regarding your personal data (including a telephone number for any contact) and the reason for sending the MENEGHINI product.
9.7 If the MENEGHINI product is no longer under warranty or has defects that are not covered by the warranty, it could still be repairable. In this case you can try to send us the MENEGHINI product for repair by following the instructions on Information> Product assistance.

10. Gift Cards
10.1 Gift Cards are usable only through the purchase of goods on this site and cannot be used for further purchases of Gift Cards or be exchanged for money.
10.2 After making a purchase with your gift card, no cash rest will be given, but any remaining balance can be used for future purchases.
10.3 The Gift Card expires 12 months after the date of purchase of the same. Upon expiration, any remaining credits will be lost.
10.4 The Gift Card can only be used for purchases on the site of the same country where the card was purchased. For example, a Gift Card purchased in the Italian section of our site can only be used for purchases on the Italian section of our site. 1
10.5 Please protect the gift card and treat it as cash. We cannot be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged Gift Cards.
10.6 If goods purchased with a Gift Card are exchanged or refunded, the money owed will be added to the balance on a gift card.

11. Communications
11.1 Any communication which is deemed to be notified pursuant to these terms and conditions of sale must be delivered personally or sent by registered mail to MENEGHINI Via Dei Morari 10, 36016 Thiene (VI) ITALY or sent by e-mail to sales @ or by certified mail to

12. Waiver
12.1 Any breach or delay by both parties in the application, at any time, of one or more of these terms and conditions of sale will be equivalent to the waiver of the aforementioned part of the term or the right therein included or to an impediment to the subsequent application of all terms of these terms and conditions of sale by the same. The rights and measures included therein are cumulative and do not exclude the rights and provisions provided for by law.

13. Separation
13.1 If any clause or term of these terms and conditions of sale should become or be declared in conflict with the law or with the public conduct, or in any other illegal, invalid or for any other inapplicable reason, this term or clause will be divisible from these terms and conditions of sale.

14. Causes of force majeure
14.1 We reserve the right to postpone the delivery date of the products, or to cancel the contract without liability to you, and we will not be held responsible for any failure to comply with our contractual obligations if we are prevented or hindered from carrying out our business in due to circumstances beyond our control, including cases of government action, war or national emergency, acts of terrorism, riots, civil unrest, accidents, plant or machinery failure, fire, snow, explosions, floods, storms, epidemics , strikes or other labor disputes (even not related to our staff), the failure of a utility or transport network, restrictions or delays affecting shippers and delays in the supply of suitable and suitable materials, or other similar events that may affect the delivery date of the products.

15. Full consent
15.1 These terms and conditions of sale constitute the entire basis of any contract established between us and the user.

16. Third parties
16.1 These terms and conditions of sale do not create or imply any right that can be asserted by any person who does not constitute a part of the contract established pursuant to these terms and conditions of sale.
16.2 If it is possible for a user through this website (or sites linked to it through a link) to carry out a transaction with third parties (including other users or other service providers or resellers) who are not MENEGHINI or MENEGHINI affiliated companies, then these transactions must be considered. transactions entered into between the user and these third parties (with all the rights and obligations deriving from them).

17. Current law and jurisdiction
17.1 These terms and conditions of sale are regulated and interpreted according to Italian law: the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian courts.

18. Contacts
8.1 For any question or comment on these privacy and data protection rules or on any other aspect concerning this website, please contact:
MENEGHINI Via Dei Morari 10, 36016 Thiene (VI) ITALY - tel +39 0445 367310



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